“No One Here Gets Out Alive”

Photo: Morrison’s Headstone in Père Lachaise Cemetery. Bronze plaque placed in 1990 by Morrison’s father after numerous other markers had been defaced or stolen. Greek inscription reads: ‘true to his own daemon’.

Feeling a bit oldster today, July 3, but at least I made it past the age of 27.

Today is:-

the 50th anniversary of the death of James ‘Jim’ Douglas Morrison (8 December 1943 – 3 July 1971) of The Doors. He was 27 years old. (His girlfriend, Pamela Courson, from Weed, California, died three years later on April 25, also aged 27.)

– the 52nd anniversary of the death of Lewis Brian Hopkin Jones (28 February 1942 – 3 July 1969), founder and original leader of the Rolling Stones. He was 27 years old.

Morrison’s death was about nine months after the deaths of Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin, both of whom died at the age of 27.

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